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Bergamo and its territory offers a wide net of museums both in town and in the province.


Venetian Historical Museum

It is an itinerary to discover the history of Bergamo in '500 when it started to be part of the dominion of the Republic of Venice. This visit is arranged in two different moments:
1st Part of the itinerary inside the Museum:

The guide will just introduce the visitors to the content of this multimedia and interactive museum focused on the discovery of Bergamo in a very special moment of its history at the time of the venetian dominion.

The approach to all these information through the use of visual communication, interactive devices etc. generates a very personal and active multi-sensory experience that transforms the visitor in a true protagonist of the bergamask community in 1500.
2nd Part of the itinerary outside the Museum:

The second part is the completion of the first part of the visit with the exploration of the Upper Town selecting all those monumenta and buildings which represent the transformation of the urban centre of Bergamo when venetians were the rulers.

Entrance with a ticket.


The Museum and the Treasure of the Cathedral

An interesting exploration in the subsoil of the Cathedral of St. Alessandro in Bergamo to discover the results of the last excavation campaign that took place between 2004 and 2012 bringing to the light the traces of the V° century paleochristian Cathedral dedicated to S. Vincent, its subsequent radical transformation in XII century and the remarkable witnesses of eleven roman domus, later incorporated by Filarete in the new Reneissance church.

Closed on Mondays

Tickets :Full: 5 euros - Reduced: 3 Euros - Persons who are age 65 or older (upon showing the ID) - Students between 6 and 26 years old (upon showing the ID) - Groups ranging from 12 to 20 people.


Carrara Picture Gallery

One of the most important cultural institution in Bergamo, it was born thanks to Giacomo Carrara's special gift to Bergamo of his precious private art-collection, after his death in 1796.

The Picture Gallery improved its collections during the centuries with other important donations of local benefactors.

Nowadays it hosts a vast patrimony of 1800 paintings witnessing a range of time between XV and XIX Century, with paintings by Pisanello, Botticelli, Giovanni Bellini, Andrea Mantegna, Raphael, G.B. Moroni, Baschenis, Lotto, Tiepolo, Canaletto etc.


Donizetti Museum

Discover the most beautiful historical noble dwellings in the Upper-town dated back to seventeen and eighteen century.

Enter the private and intimate spaces of the Counts Moroni Family and Marchesi Terzi Family. Live the charming atmosphere of a Barocco and Rococo style building where everything is still perfectly conserved as it was in the past.

Both the aristocratic dwellings reflect the comfort, the social status-symbol, and the absolute refined and educated taste of these aristocratic families, their great competence in selecting precious and high quality works of art.

Discover their private picture galleries hosting paintings by G.B. Moroni, Bernardino Luini, Tiepolo, Hayez, Tallone.


Via Galileo Galilei, 4
24040 Osio Sopra
Bergamo (Bg)


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